Kneeling Sundays of an Anonymous Man

The best thing that can happen on any Sunday is waking up one hour thirty minutes earlier before the church bell rings, and the second thing would be chilling with a pal and enjoying football. I will assume this is the common trend to any working Kenyan guy, but not the best patch on their tailored weekend. Many will say the best thing that can happen on any Sunday is not having Monday the following day.

My Sundays are common, with only a few alterations that still make them common. At least it makes it easier for my other half to predict where her man is when he is not picking her calls or responding to her messages. I can be as boring as my exciting life never gets, but more fun than the next guy who was seated next to me in Church today with a Swahili Bible.

My point though was not to discuss how eventful my Sundays are, but to let you into certain corners of my mind that have a life.

After my previous post, about the movie I watched, I have constantly been nudging myself to understand who I am, and what exactly I know about myself. Continue reading “Kneeling Sundays of an Anonymous Man”

Afterthoughts on the Movie Amélie

So let’s begin by saying I am an ardent fan of movies, and I am not just talking about the blockbuster films that gross millions of dollars on their release dates, as a matter of fact, I don’t like movies that people impatiently wait for, not unless it something with DC Legends in it.

So then, what are my kinds of movies? You sure would ask.

I will say I love books, just as I love movies, I try and avoid best sellers not unless it is the first or second print by an author, and even if it is the first one, then it should not be something that makes the world chaotic. I am unashamed to say that with all due respect and much love that I have for J.K. Rowling,

Continue reading “Afterthoughts on the Movie Amélie”

Crystallized Hearts

Let’s take this moment and envision we are all rebellious,
Wouldn’t the whole world smile in our face?
No, well, we only need a few crystallized hearts,
The left feet in the sand that gets washed away by the wind,
The lover who only loves holding different beaded hands
The kisser who’s had her tongue sweetened by bitterness
But well where are the rest? They might not be here- Continue reading “Crystallized Hearts”

The Waiting Ones

Today I stood in front of a coming traffic
The driver saw me and swerved from me
I missed my attention to the fingers of death
Do I have your attention yet my dear friend?

Let me tell you about my dearest shopkeeper
Today I bought the same packet of cigarettes
I handed him the only coins I had in my pocket
But he didn’t even count the coins but said “next” Continue reading “The Waiting Ones”

Take Pride in Self

Take pride in being yourself. Avoid waking up each day trying to be what people want you to be. Those who adore you for who you are will always be willing to look at your scars while those who are just there for a moment will always try to change you to what they want and couldn’t be themselves. Continue reading “Take Pride in Self”

Red Heels at the Doorstep

Hold me now love because I need you to stay
We are not the love story with a perfect start
You are just typical you and I am just typical me
An erotic note hidden between pages of my life
A kiss that do not last behind your masked smile

There is a small voice within myself and it whispers
-Magical mess, beautifully violent and a humble wreck-
I feel I am when your warm feet caress my cold feet Continue reading “Red Heels at the Doorstep”

Love is Orange in Colour

“Did you know that for every man there are three women for him?
This is an outrageous statistics right?” Doug smiles, sipping from his bottle of cheap Kenyan beer. Suddenly there is a wild roar from the club we are sitting in to remind me of a game that we had come to watch. “I have to tell you man, this is why you got to love Chelsea, did you see that?” I convincingly smile. No, basically I did not see that. He continues, “you know one thing man, I love my wife.”

It has been 23 days since my team drew with Swansea and that is not the event I reckon about October 1st, but rather it has been 23 days since I saw the lady I was about to talk to. Continue reading “Love is Orange in Colour”

The Constant Listener

I am marvelled by certain tragedies that I cannot touch
The beauty in the hands that have been held in time
In darkness and in tragedies that I know are not mine
These are pots of gold hidden beneath a tombstone
That I know I shall never (not even once) sleep beneath

I have sat (for hours) on the banks of a river that don’t run
My feet soaked in clay that I know was once my womb Continue reading “The Constant Listener”

Snails on a Plate – The Java Love Story

This last couple of days I have had a keen eye on what is really trending on Twitter. Basically this is something that I have not done in a while and anyone who has been following me must admit, following my twitter account is the most boring thing; if you say yes to this, you might as well go to Java House and order for a plate of Spicy Thai Salad, you will be surprised by the trending item.

Well I heard the best way to describe Java House right now is “sluggish”, this apparently is because of the incident of the guest who happened to have been “served” with the latest update on the menu. This issue has set Kenyans on fire, especially on Twitter; somehow I Continue reading “Snails on a Plate – The Java Love Story”

Certain Hurricanes are Never to be Chased

Love me like I am the petal on a flower
Hold me like today is all that will ever be
Tell me the truth of the scars in your silence
And I will kiss the wounds that you carry
I will be your lover and the one to often be
Your heart I shall keep it safe around mine

Until the day when my clouds get dark
Then I shall show you why I am not the road-
-that you need to seek your adventures on Continue reading “Certain Hurricanes are Never to be Chased”